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9 Million Using Prescription Sleep Aids

Have you taken a sleeping pill in the past month? If so, you've got plenty of company. In the past 30 days, approximately nine million adults in the United States that's 4 percent of the population used prescription medication to help their troubled sleep. This is just one of the findings from a newlyreleased Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report on prescription sleep aid use in the United States. government study to investigate use of prescription sleep medication. Until now, data on sleep aid use has come primarily from rates of prescriptions sold and by market research, which for years have formed the basis of reports of increasing demand for prescription sleep aids. Now, for the first time, we have results from a national public health study addressing the issue of prescription sleep medicine. These CDC results provide important information not only about how commonly these Matthew Stafford Authentic Jersey medications are being used, but also about some of the social and demographic factors that are associated with their use:

Age: Prescription sleep aid use increases with age. Sleep medication use was lowest among the youngest age group (20 to 39) roughly 2 percent of young adults had used prescription sleep aids in the past 30 days. Among adults 50 to 59 that figure rose to 6 percent, and to 7 percent among adults 80 and older.

Gender: Women are significantly more likely to use prescription sleep medication than men.

Not surprisingly, rates of prescription sleep medication are highest among people who report the most difficulty with their sleep:

Adults who reported sleeping no more than five hours per night had the highest rates of prescription sleep aid use. People who slept Calvin Johnson Authentic Jersey nine or more hours also used prescription sleep aids with greater frequency than those who reported sleeping within the recommended range of seven to eight hours per night.

Adults who have been diagnosed with sleep disorders showed dramatically higher rates of prescription medication use, as did adults who said they told their physicians about having trouble sleeping. More than 16 percent of adults with a diagnosed sleep disorder used prescription sleep medications in the past 30 days. Almost 13 percent of adults who had reported sleep problems to their doctors were using sleep medications.

What are we to make of these results? The prevalence of sleep medication use and, in particular, the very high rates of use among people with sleep disorders and poor sleep suggest to me that we need to take a closer look at how to prescribe sleep medication responsibly and appropriately. We also need to pay more attention to how best to use prescription sleep aids in conjunction with other treatme...

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Rank of the Top 5 Fantasy Glover Quin Authentic Jersey WRs

Best Answer Chosen by Asker

1) Torry Holt. With this offensive system expected increase in passes near the goalline, it only stands to reason that the team best reciever will benefit with a few more scores, and he floated close to the top for several years now.

2) Steve Smith. I really wanted to downgrade him to 3 or 4, but I only going to fly so far in the face of conventional wisdom. However, Jake Delhomme having a tired arm at the beginning of the season is setting off cowbells (and not the good kind) in my head.

3) Terrell Owens. It took him more than a season to finally wear out his welcome in Philly, so while the shine is still on him in the big D, expect his usual outstanding output. Plus he has a pure passer slinging the ball his way, who was always at his best with a favorite reciever at the ready.

4) Marvin Harrison. Is he starting to dip a bit? Yes, but in that offense, he still good for a load of yards and knocking on doubledigit TD Like I said elsewhere, you have to let the superstars downgrade themselves before you do.

5) Hines Ward. Ben looks like he going to be ready, it RBBC time in the Pitt, and Ward is now the 1 receiving option with a bullet. I think we see Hines approach careeryear numbers here.

I think of more interest is who I leaving out of my top 5:

Chad Johnson: (But not for the reason you say) They still score a lot because they got the talent, but think about this logically; let even take away the fact that they got a workhorse running back and good Oline and could play smashmouth if they wanted to. Take a look at who they signed as a backup, who could be starting the first few weeks of the season. Given that and Carson injury (and all it will take is one more hard roll to end his career) and it only makes sense that the offense would get even more westcoast and go to a quickrelease, 3step drop passing game. That means less downfield strikes, which means less yards for Chad, and probably less touchdowns as closetothevest typically equals running at the goalline, not passing.

Fitzgerald or Bouldin: Sure, they outstanding, but somebody still got to throw them the ball, and whoever thinks Warner can finish the season is dreaming. Lienhart holdout (he a rookie, even if he looked NFL ready) will keep him clueless this year, so it going to be roll the dice on who taking the snaps. And even if the offense is good, it got to be one of the best in football if both of those guys stay healthy for either of them to land a top 5 ranking, because they will be vultures to each other all season long.

And my darkhorse to finish top 5?

Darrell Jackson. He Israel Idonije Elite Jersey now the undisputed 1 guy in Seattle and everyone and their brother says the Seahawks will pass more a...

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Rams RB Jackson believes he

ST. LOUIS Steven Jackson is coming off his seventh straight 1,000yard season, so running back should be one position the St. Louis Rams won't worry too much about on draft day.

Though he'll be 29 in July, getting up there for his position, Jackson believes he can play for several more years. Using Emmitt Smith, Marcus Allen and Thomas Jones as examples, Jackson said he just has to make sure he stays healthy.

''You do hear the echoes and the whispers,'' Jackson said Wednesday as the Rams wrapped up a twoday voluntary minicamp. ''It's doable, I just have to make sure I continue to take care of myself the way I have, and continue to believe in myself.''

Jackson contends he's a better back than when he was a rookie firstround pick out of Oregon State in 2004. He said he is just as physical and has a much better feel for the game now.

He is also excited about getting a chance to play for new coach Jeff Fisher, under whom Joique Bell Elite Jersey the likes of Eddie George and Chris Johnson thrived at Tennessee. Fisher likes to grind things out, calling more runs than passes in several of his seasons with the Titans.

''I feel like I'm in my prime, I'm excited about what I can do in this offense,'' Jackson said. ''Coach Fisher has a track record of having some great running backs and I hope to add my name.''

''I've said this before, when a big back gets old you look for one thing: Is he getting hit or is he getting tackled? Steven's still getting tackled, he's not getting hit, so he's got a lot left,'' Fisher said.

Jackson's play was among the few bright spots for the Rams during a 214 season and a 1038 performance the last three years. They have the sixth pick in next week's draft after dealing the No. 2 overall selection to Washington for a pile of premium picks.

Jackson thinks St. Louis should take Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon.

Aside from a halfseason with Brandon Lloyd in 2011, the Rams have lacked a premium goto wide receiver for several years. They need a complement for Sam Bradford, the top overall pick in 2010.

''I believe Blackmon is an unbelievable talent,'' Jackson said. ''We've all talked about Sam and what he can do with the tools he has. For us to fully see what he's capable of doing and seeing him blossom you have to definitely get him weapons for the outside.''

Blackmon's speed is good but not great. Jackson doesn't care.

''I hate to say this on record, but I will. Arguably the best receiver in football is Larry Fitzgerald, and he's not a blazer,'' Jackson said. ''Those things you do in ...

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